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Trixi Tassels has joined forces with Little Lady Luscious to co-teach both the beginners and advanced Luscious Burlesque courses at Academy Mews Dance Studios in Camden, London.

Beginners: Join us for an 8-week course where you will learn all you need to know to present your first act at our Graduation Show!

Advanced: An 8-week course for those with a little more experience who want to learn more skills and further explore their personal style. You'll also have the opportunity to work on a group number and of course strut your stuff in our Graduation Show!

All details on booking both these classes can be found here: https://lusciouscabaret.com/classes/


Trixi is also available to teach one-off workshops across a range of burlesque themes for beginners through to advance students.

All workshops are able to be tailored to your students' interests and your preferred workshop length.

She has taught extensively in Australia and around Europe.


Bump n Grind

This workshop gets down to the essence of wild and raunchy 50s bump n grind. We will start with breaking down all the classic bump n grind moves and then build them up and join them together into short pieces of choreography. We'll take a strong focus on shimmies, hip and chest isolations, undulations & thrusts - the essence of true bump n grind! You will learn lots of technical combinations and ideas to move your performance up to the next level, regardless of style. Of course attitude and stage presence is just as important as your movement, so we'll also cover how to mix up fast and slow moves to best effect, use bodily tension and control, and use eye contact for maximum devastation!

Bump N Grind

Photo by Verena Gremmer Fotografie

Tassel Twirling / Pastie Making

In this class I go through how to make pasties specific for tassel twirling as well as those just for aesthetics. In the longer class we will cover all aspects of design and construction including unusual shapes and embellishment using examples and components from my own collection. In all lengths of this class we have a short session on exercises for flexibility and strength follows before getting into a solid session of tassel twirling. I cover all techniques including bounce, shoulder and ribcage techniques, single and double twirls, synced and alternating twirls. I guarantee that by the end everyone will be twirling!

Tassel Twirling

Photo by Verena Gremmer Fotografie

Pretty Hands

This one hour class will be a boot camp for your hands and arms! Learn techniques to ensure your fingers and hands always provide an elegant finish to your movements and poses. We'll also be drilling arm movement in general and glove removal technique. Suitable for beginners to advanced, everyone will benefit with more polished movement.

Pretty Hands

Photo by Usgang.ch


This class will look at musical interpretation: how to best convey the feeling within the songs we perform to and how to actively use our music to bring the audience in and create an enticing, memorable act. Using various types of classic and non-classic striptease music we'll look at the idea of using our body to illustrate the music and discover how the movements we make can bring out certain aspects of a song. The concepts learned will be applicable to any type of performance as you'll be learning about how to use your body and actions as an additional instrument. There is a small amount of simple choreography to illustrate the ideas, but this class will mainly give you concepts and theory to take away and apply to your choreography and performance style.


Photo by Didier Bonin

Bellydance For Burlesque

This workshop will teach you how to bump, grind, shimmy and undulate like a true burlesque queen! All the classic burlesque movements from the bump n grind style have their roots in oriental dance, which is where Trixi started her dance career. Egyptian-cabaret bellydance is an elegant and graceful artform. We will breakdown its fundamental moves and learn how they can be incorporated into a burlesque bump n grind style. We will cover shimmies, isolations, undulations, arm/hand technique, turns and posture. This will be a class focused on technique but we will learn combinations to some beautiful bellydance tracks.


Bellydance for Burlesque

Photo by Didier Bonin

The Art Of Tease

Knowing how to elegantly tease, remove and play with your clothing and props is one of the key components of burlesque. This workshop can be designed to teach technique, choreography or a combination of both. We will cover all basic clothing/props including gloves, boas, stockings, corsets and bras as well as technical concepts for other items. By the end of the workshop everyone will have the confidence to peel with grace and panache.

Art of the Tease

Photo by DubbelXposure


For bookings please send an email to trixi@trixitassels.com