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The Gay UK


New Act!


('Clap Hands' by Tom Waits) 3m46

A straight up fire act using fire fingers and fire sticks, set to this dark and moody classic Tom Waits song, Clap Hands. The costume was created specifically with this track in mind, melding the evocative aural influences of mysticism, forest nymphs and harvest rituals, using fire as the harbinger of new life.


Image: DubbelXPosure


New Footage!


The Cowboy
(Custom mix of 'Mountains Falling' - Angelo Badalamenti) 5m23

This is my signature act and guaranteed to be nothing you've seen before! I enter as a dark, mysterious cowboy to this melodic, haunting track. Slowly and sensuously I use fire to strip out of my custom-made leather chaps and corset. Now clad only in cowboy boots, a leather thong and specially created fire pasties, I set the latter on fire, ending with my signature fire tassel twirling.


The Cowboy
Image: Tigz Rice



With her cheeky personality and killer curves, Trixi Tassels defected from the bellydance camp in 2008 and joined the hedonistic world of burlesque peelers and shakers. Bringing a playful sensuality and attention to musicality to the stage, Trixi feeds off the energy of the audience.

After honing her craft as a principal dancer with Australian super-troupe Sugar Blue Burlesque, Trixi moved to London in 2011 where she has been been wowing audiences around Europe. Trixi has performed around the world from Auckland to Eindhoven and at all the major European burlesque festivals, winning the coveted 'Best Technique' trophy at the 2013 Stockholm Burlesque Festival tassel twirling competition

One of the most talented tassel twirler performing today, her skills of single, double, syncronised and alternating twirls must be seen to be believed.

Discovering that everything is more fun when you set it on fire, her signature fire-strip involves burning off her corset and setting her tassels ablaze!

Trixi has entranced audiences around the world including Stockholm, Paris, Rome, Hamburg & Melbourne and is currently based in London, UK. Hop over to 'Performances' to see where Trixi has been and where she is going next.

Get ready to be hypnotized by Trixi's twirling tricks, unique undulations and fiery fantasy acts!


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