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The Real Thing

With a playful personality and attention to musicality, Trixi Tassels is a stunning bellydancer, darling of deshabille and one of the world's best tassel twirlers. She is guaranteed to knock your socks off with her stunning fire strip (where she literally burns off her clothing) and her signature fire tassel twirling. Trixi loves classic bump n grind burlesque as well as the neo style. Anything with a good beat or sensual melody is up for interpretation! Having performed around the world in New Zealand, Australia, Norway, France, Switzerland, Germany and at the prestigious London and Paris Burlesque Festivals, Trixi is now based London and available for performances worldwide.

To see Trixi Tassels perform is to truly discover the essence of burlesque - a cheeky, playful performance that combines beauty, grace, musicality, fabulous costuming and in-the-moment connectedness with the audience.

Born for the stage, Trixi has a strong background in jazz-ballet and theatre, spending much of her youth in New Zealand finding excuses to put on fabulous costuming and make herself the centre of attention. An interest in fashion design lead her into starting bespoke corsetry label, Volancia Corsetry, and also enables her to realise eye-catching and decadent costuming for the stage.

At the tender age of 18 while dining at a Middle Eastern restaurant, Trixi encountered her first bellydancer and thought, "I want to do that!" The sinuous movements, elegant grace and shiny, glittering costumes had her hooked. From her first lesson in how to shimmy and shake Trixi has never looked back!

After several years honing her technique through various teachers, workshops and restaurant residencies, Trixi moved to Perth, Australia in 2006 where she discovered burlesque through local troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque.

The Sugar Blue gals were at the vanguard of burlesque in Western Australia, teaching classes, producing shows and strutting their stuff at festivals and events throughout the state. After taking their 'Introduction to Burlesque' course Trixi wowed the directors with her tassel twirling skills at the course graduation show. Swiftly welcomed into their fold, Trixi became a mainstay at Sugar Blue shows and a popular soloist for private functions.

In 2008 Trixi started up the Perth branch of Molly Crabapple's wildly successful Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School. A life model since her days as a starving student at Auckland University and now a tassel twirling ecdysiast, Trixi combined these two interests with her impressive organisation skills, morphing Dr Sketchy Perth into a local institution.

Beckoned by the distant shores of the UK and Europe, Trixi took a year off to travel during 2010 before settling permanently (for now anyway!) in the UK in 2011.

Tassel Twirling

The story of Trixi's ascent to claim the title of the world's best tassel twirler begins with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Watching her video one rainy afternoon in Auckland, Trixi was fascinated by the tassel twirling section at the end. Just like after seeing her first bellydancer, Trixi thought, "I want to do that!" Most amicable to this new interest, her boyfriend purchased Trixi her first pair of tassels and from that point she was hooked!

Coming from a bellydance background it was natural for Trixi to use isolation movements to twirl the tassels which meant she bypassed the traditional method of getting them to spin which simply involves bouncing up and down and does not afford a great deal of control or grace. Using various shoulder and ribcage movements Trixi is able to get a full range of motion with any combination of clockwise, counterclockwise and alternating or synchronised spinning. The main benefit to this is her ability to move about the stage while twirling and the lack of unsightly wobbling that comes with bouncing the entire body up and down!

Fire Tassels

While searching for clips on the internet of other tassel twirlers, Trixi came across one of the absolute legends of burlesque - Satan's Angel. Satan's Angel was the first performer to set her tassels on fire in the 1960s and still performs regularly to this day. Of course the thought, "I want to do that!" swiftly followed although this time it wasn't something Trixi could just launch herself into, lacking the appropriate equipment and never having worked with fire before. A chance meeting backstage at an event with Hana and Angus of fire performance group Fyredanz offered Trixi the opportunity to ask about having her own fire tassels made. Always keen to take on unusual custom work, Hana and Angus made Trixi's now well-blackened fire tassels. Her first performance to the classic Jerry Lee Lewis song, Great Balls of Fire, is one of Trixi's signature acts and is well received wherever it is performed.

For bookings please send an email to trixi@trixitassels.com