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Acts - Classic & Neo Burlesque | Fire | Bellydance

Rise Of The Phoenix
(Custom mix of 'Fire Dance' - The Dustaphonics & 'Into The Void' - The Monsters) 6m35

This is my own raunchy spin on classic 50s bump'n'grind with a gorgeous fire-themed costume, huge feather headdress and fire dip-dyed silk fans! Set to two raunchy garage-rock tracks, this act gets heavier and hotter as it goes on, finishing with a tassel twirling extravaganza finale.


Rise of the Phoenix

Image: Jorbein Photography

Emerald Dreams (burlesque/bellydance fusion)
(Custom mix of 'Black Smoke' - The Prodigy & 'The Big Bamboozle' - Barry Adamson) 5m42

A hot & heavy rock n roll fusion of bellydance and burlesque. The rich emerald and black costuming has heavy Arabian and Gypsy influences with an edgy art-deco twist. Using a heavy rock track with Arabian drum beats to begin with, the act then switches from a dance number to a sizzling striptease.


Emerald Dreams

Image: Zigpix

(Custom extended mix of 'Appreciation' - Ann Margret - Viva Las Vegas Movie) 4m52

Watch as I emerge as Ann Margaret, direct from Viva Las Vegas complete with full fur coat, underneath which is a super luxurious costume covered in emerald Swarovski crystals. I perform a lip syncing routine to this classic scene, featuring a full 70 second tassel twirling extravaganza displaying my world class tassel twirling talents, showcasing my full repertoire. Guaranteed to make your audience gasp and wonder how I "get them to spin like that!"


Image: John-Paul Bichard

(Custom extended mix of 'East St Louis Toodle-Oo' - Michael McQuaid's Red Hot Rhythmakers) 3m51

This is a cute, cheeky number as I begin by playing with a huge polka dot balloon, tossing it in the air and hiding behind it while I strip out of a luxurious costume made of blue silk and black satin. After this playful striptease there are two versions of this act. I can perform either a demonstration of my world-renowned tassel twirling skills, or I can use fire to perform body burning before showing my amazing fire tassel skills.

http://youtu.be/QHiwPDJViIU (without fire tassels)

http://youtu.be/jD4eABNdlco (with fire tassels)

Image: Tuula Ylikorpi


Free The Nipple!
('54-46 Was My Number' by Toots & The Maytals) 3m12

This is my one-woman protest of the censorship of female bodies! Using this classic Toots & The Maytals song, this upbeat act is full of joyous dance and celebrates the female body whilst poking fun at the absurdity of nudity laws and the way they treat male and female nipples so differently.


Free The Nipple

Image: Didier Bonin

How To Attract A Man
(Original track featuring voice-over work by Anthony Lewis with a short sample of 'I Like Big Butts' by Sir Mix-A-Lot) 8m14

In the tradition of 50s educational lectures, this comic act uses a 50s BBC voiceover to scientifically explain how women can make themselves attractive to men no matter how deficient their bodies may be! Brought in as the model for the lecture, I am convinced to strip down to my lingerie in the interests of science, allowing me to demonstrate my amazing tassel twirling skills. However the lecturer's casual misogyny, criticisms and admonishments for me to act more like a lady get a bit too much and I finish with some krumping and twerking to Sir Mix-A-Lot's iconic 90s hip-hip track.


How To Attract A Man

Image: Rhinoa's Photography


Jazz Devil
('Jazz Devil' - Barry Adamson) 5m06

Smoking hot and deliciously dark, this act is guaranteed to get your audience all het up. Red and black is the theme as I appear as a devilish femme fatale in a gorgeous slinky costume with huge feather boa and tight-laced corset. There are no pretences here - this is a wild sexy striptease act with a dose of erotic floor work thrown in for good measure.

(NB the fire element can be removed from this act if required)


Jazz Devil

Image: Verena Gremmer Fotografie

Acts - Fire (including fire tassels)

The Cowboy
(Custom mix of 'Mountains Falling' - Angelo Badalamenti) 5m23

This is my signature act and guaranteed to be nothing you've seen before! I enter as a dark, mysterious cowboy to this melodic, haunting track. Slowly and sensuously I use fire to strip out of my custom-made leather chaps and corset. Now clad only in cowboy boots, a leather thong and specially created fire pasties, I set the latter on fire, ending with my signature fire tassel twirling.


The Cowboy

Image: Stephan Cornelis

(Custom mix of 'Fever' - Sarah Vaughan / Adam Freeland Remix) 4m52

Starting off with the classic version of this song, I perform an elegant striptease from a sumptuous red flamenco-style dress with silver & crystal accents. As the modern beat to the remix kicks in half-way through I light two fire sticks and perform body burning before burning away the thread holding the front of my corset together. After this falls away I light special fire pasties and perform my signature fire tassel twirling.

(NB this is also available without fire as a classic striptease performance with stockings and corset)



Image: Matchless Snapshots

('Clap Hands' by Tom Waits) 3m46

A straight up fire act using fire fingers and fire sticks, set to this dark and moody classic Tom Waits song, Clap Hands. The costume was created specifically with this track in mind, melding the evocative aural influences of mysticism, forest nymphs and harvest rituals, using fire as the harbinger of new life.



Image: DubbelXPosure

Destiny Angel
('Destiny Angel' by Nick Marsh) 4m33


Hotel California
('Hotel California' by Gipsy Kings) 5m46

This act is performed to either of the above-named songs. It is an elegant expression of the power of fire and begins with floods of red, orange and yellow, with long dip dyed silk fans. I then remove my long red dress as the act takes a darker turn, switching to fire sticks and then fire fans.


Footage still to come of this act performed to Hotel California. The fire sticks section is slightly longer.

Destiny Angel

Image: DubbelXPosure


('Fantomes' by Khan) 4m13

This ethereal, haunting track makes the perfect backdrop to a sensual performance of undulating movements and fire manipulation including eating, transfers and vapour work.


Image: Tuula Ylikorpi


Great Balls of Fire
('Great Balls of Fire' - Jerry Lee Lewis) 3m19

I enter with the theme to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly before removing my large leather coat and revealing a cute cowgirl outfit complete with chaps and frilly plaid knickers.  In between twirling my pistol and busting out some line dancing I remove my neckerchief and shirt to reveal special fire pasties.  My pistol becomes a lighter as I set my pasties ablaze for the finale.


Great Balls Of Fire

Image: David Woolley

Acts - Bellydance (non-strip)

In My Harem
(Custom mix of 'In My Harem' - Billy Murray and 'Sahra Saiidi' - Gamal Gommaa) 5m26

My tribute to Little Egypt - the first lady to grind and wiggle her hips in a salacious way for the North American audience.  This is an ultra-cute bellydance routine to a vintage piece of music with great comedic lyrics. It finishes with a stunning hi-energy drum solo with loads of shimmies and popped accents. Guaranteed to get everyone wriggling in their seats!


In My Harem
Image: Jack Johnson

Khatwet Serena
('Khatwet Serena' - Hossam Ramzy) 4m14

Hi-energy bellydance drum solo with a saiidi (stick dance) section in the middle.  This act perfectly captures the sumptuous layers and rhythms of Egyptian percussion music.


Khatwet Serena
Image: Andi Sapey

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